The Place of Wonders foundation is a project created by the Babini family with a mission to preserve, protect, and promote the vanishing tradition of Italian craft.

2024 scholarships


Utilizing education and unique, behind-the-scenes access to Italy's skilled artisans, the Foundation will fund scholarships, initiatives, and learning opportunities for Italian students.

In collaboration with schools and centers of excellence in Florence, Venice, and other destinations, we hope these efforts will help safeguard the human heritage of Italian craft for generations to come.

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The core mission of The Place of Wonders foundation is to share and safeguard the magic of Italy’s makers for today, tomorrow, and long into the future.

Sadly, society’s thirst for fast, mass-produced products is crushing our creative communities. Without immediate action, Italy’s artisans will disappear, and their knowledge, passed from generation to generation, will fade with them. The Place of Wonders foundation exists to tackle this uphill challenge, introducing guests, friends, and interested parties to traditional artisans and art forms in cities we know well. By helping people discover the beauty and necessity of Italian craft, we hope they will consider donating to the Place of Wonders foundation, protecting the next generation of makers. 

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While many of Italy’s cities are founded on craft, the foundation has chosen to focus its launch on Florence - the birthplace of the Renaissance.

Traditional skills perfected by artisans across the centuries are represented in the six “wonders” curated by the foundation for you to visit. To stand shoulder-to-shoulder, watching these incredible artisans work with their hands, is a rare opportunity. And so, with great pride, The Place of Wonders introduces the talented craftspeople behind the world-famous porcelain, glass, cashmere, paper, gold, and scagliola workshops and museums we are so lucky to have in the city.

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Join Us

The Place of Wonders is rooted in education.

oung Italian talents will have the chance to invest their future in craft and manufacture, learning from experts through our scholarship program.
We hope you will consider donating to The Place of Wonders Foundation and join us to became an active patron of the projects and people making a difference.