A foundation to protect, preserve, and promote the human heritage of Italian craft.

Who we are

The Place of Wonders foundation is a non-profit organization created by the Babini family,Italian hoteliers behind The Hospitality Experience collection, to promote and protect the human heritage of Italian craft. The project is an outlet for the active participation of our guests, friends and interested locals in sustaining artisanal, artistic and creative activities and inspiring new, talented generations to become guardians of our artisanal Italian traditions.

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The Mission

Through our dedicated fund, we aim to the nurturing and advancement of fresh talent in the realm of Artisanal Craftsmanship. This fund, establishes annual scholarships for young Italian students to elite schools specializing in high-level craftsmanship or to advanced training courses conducted by master artisans known for their excellence. This initiative is a testament to our dedication to cultivating the next generation of skilled artisans, ensuring the continuation of this rich and valuable heritage.

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Our Ambassadors

We, the Babini family—hoteliers behind The Place Firenze, Londra Palace Venezia, and Borgo dei Conti Resort—feel deeply rooted in these territories.

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Claudio Meli General Manager at The Place Firenze and Michela Babini Director of the Foundation

General manager of The Place Firenze, Claudio Meli carved our niche in the Santa Maria Novella neighbourhood to connect our guests and friends with the magnificent makers behind the beauty we see across Florence.

We introduced a series of incredible makers to guests, visitors, and interested locals, spotlighting the hard work and delicate skill that happen behind the scenes in workshops few people ever get to see. A journey to discover, feel and deeply understand the real essence of Italian craft.

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Alain Bullo General Manager at Londra Palace Venezia and Michela Canzi Director of the Foundation

In Venice, General Manager of Londra Palace Venezia Alain Bullo will be playing the important role of Heritage Ambassador, acting as a link between the international travellers who are staying at the hotel and the social and cultural fabric of the city of Venice.

Here we decided to collaborate with Venezia da Vivere on a special Mano a Mano collection of limited-edition artisan pieces crafted by five of the Lagoon City’s most storied makers. These unique pieces will be available at the Londra Palace Venezia, so you, too, can carry a piece of Venice with you as you journey through life.