Craft. Culture. Community.

The human heritage of Italian craft cannot stop with us.

Craftsmanship, local industry, and traditions are the heartbeat of our city's social fabric. However, looming shadows exist: the ever-present wave of globalization and big brands, rising production costs, and the challenges of generational handover represent the primary threats every craftsman faces. We are at a crossroads, where our cities risk becoming mere echoes of global brands. This is not the future we envision.

Our mission is clear: ensure our cities remain as unique as the tales they hold. We aim to shield them from falling into the globalization stereotype. We want each visitor, each guest, to embark on a journey of discovery and profound understanding. To not just see, but feel, touch, comprehend and so be part of our projects.

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The foundation has tangible projects aimed at training a new generation of craftsmen: young talents, driven by passion and dedication, eager to dive into artisanal arts. These future craftsmen will be trained under the guidance of the most skilled masters in the field, thus becoming guardians of the Italian manufacturing tradition.

We aim that future generations, travellers, and our own children will have the opportunity to experience and appreciate the beauty that has made Italy a unique and wondrous place. These traditions, at risk of fading away, must not be lost; they need to be maintained and advanced. They are the essence of our history and a part of who we are, they are Italy’s richness, representing our uniqueness to the world.

The Place of Wonders narrates a story of passion, beauty and great responsibility that we all feel deeply. Promotion, education, and transmission are three of the Foundation’s pillars. Through our tangible and efficacious projects we endeavour to be a catalyst for virtuous developmental programmes, by cooperating with institutions and other foundations to actively invest in the preservation of local arts and craftsmanship
Stated Michela Canzi
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The Place of Wonders foundation is our impact-led, education-focused solution. 

We cannot emphasize how significant your support of the foundation will be to the preservation of craft in this city. And we’re just getting started.

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