As the foundation grows,
opportunities will expand into more projects

While The Place of Wonders is not a complete solution to
the crisis affecting the dwindling numbers of artisans Italy
has left, the positive impact of the scholarships funded by
the foundation is immediate.

The benefit of educating a new generation of artisans will be felt long into the future as these newly minted makers embark on their careers. We cannot emphasize how significant your support of the foundation will be to preserving craft in Florence, Venice, and beyond.

The Place of Wonders is delighted to announce the scholarship winners for the "Mano a Mano" educational program in Venice, fully fund by the Foundation and endorsed by Comune di Venezia.

  • We're grateful for numerous applications received for our educational project, a clear testament to the Venetians' profound interest in the world of craftsmanship. Congratulations to Veronica, Licia, Anna, and Marika. Starting on February 26, the program will immerse them in a 180 hour exploration of Venetian glass bead artistry under the guidance of Master Artisan Alessia Fuga and Marisa Convento. The curriculum covers both theory and practical skills in Murano and Venice, including a marketing module to enhance the global appeal of their creations.
    The journey will conclude with the participants presenting their works in our “Mano a Mano” capsule collection at the Londra Palace Venezia, a testament to Venetian excellence.
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